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"Trying to make a difference."




 ~Valley Springs Youth Ranch~

Valley Springs Youth Ranch is a residential care facility whose emphasis is on caring. The main ranch campus is surrounded by the beautiful wooded hills of the Mark Twain National Forest, and the cool crisp water of the Black River.

The purpose of the program is to "Make a Difference" by providing both short and long term placement for youth in need of an intensive "strength-based" treatment approach. Valley Springs incorporates a balance of both nurture and structure into the treatment environment.

We specialize in working with and counseling youths who are defiant, unmotivated in school, hanging around with the wrong friends, or have been experimenting with alcohol and/or drugs. We also work with teens diagnosed with ADHD, ODD, ADD, and depression. Valley Springs Youth Ranch is a clean, organized therapeutic program where youths that struggle with authority or and may have been sexually abused and who have been swayed into misbehavior by their peers can get their lives back on track. For over twenty-five years, Valley Springs Youth Ranch has helped hundreds of youths that were once labeled as drop-outs, incorrigible and misfits, transforming them into youths that graduate high school and  who are fully prepared for college or life on the outside and now have a bright future.


The mission of Valley Springs Youth Ranch is to provide unconditional love, recognition and support of each child’s individual abilities and talents, and careful nurturing of the child’s positive self-esteem. For a resident to achieve this positive self-esteem, it will be the mission of Valley Springs Youth Ranch to help this child:

  • Feel accepted and unique.

  • Develop personal values and goals and live by them.

  • Believe that life’s consequences are the result of their own decisions and actions.

  • Develop a support system.

  • Be able to focus on his personal strengths instead of his limitations.

Valley Springs Youth Ranch will always realize the worth of every child as an individual and provide guidance toward becoming productive members of society.

Contact us at Valley Springs Youth Ranch if you have questions or comments.


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